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Reviews from Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars              By Blanket Lover

Within seconds of these books arriving through the post, they were favourites with my 2 year old daughter. She now automatically goes for Hudson when I ask her to pick some books for story time. Possibly the dog factor, the brightly coloured illustrations, the easy to follow structure or the warmth that they are written with...whatever the reason, Hudson and Me is a hit!

5.0 out of 5 stars My 2 year old LOVES this book!            By Caz

This book is just brilliant for my 2 year old son - the bright, bold pictures really grab his attention and the story is just the right length and the type of thing that's appropriate for his age group. it's perfect for repeating things he has learnt (ie, where is his nose, eyes etc). The appealing cover means this book is the one he chooses over his other books time after time! We're really looking forward to the next in the series.

5.0 out of 5 stars Engaging and educational            By Anonymous

My five year old son was delighted to receive this book, especially as the 'hero' is a cute dog called Hudson (he is dog mad!). The story and illustrations are engaging and funny and it's educational too as he can now practice his reading. We are looking forward to reading the other books in the series to find out what adventures Hudson and the little girl ('Me') go on.

Messages from Parents

Dear Nicola and Hudson,

I wanted to call was to say, LOVE YOUR BOOK! Only arrived a couple of days ago so read it to the boys last night and they really loved it. Thomas more than capable of reading (and Arthur could do, too, now he's nearly finished reception year) but read it to them at bedtime and it went down a treat! Arthur loved the bit at the end where Hudson kissed the girl and they both loved the cute pictures of him. Arthur started joining in with me reading out the annotated pictures, which was sweet.

Charlotte Peterson, mother and editor at the Village Magazine


Hey Nicola and Hudson

I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!! for your FAB book which Freya has read no less than 9 times and loves. It is so fun and life-affirming.

Role on the series…thought I’d also share with you the news that Freya has named her new Dalmation Hudson!

Wishing you every success with the series.

Nadia Raafat Mother, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Birth Educator, Doula, Battersea Yoga


Dear Nicola and Hudson,

Thank you for your darling book, which we tested last night and the children insisted on reading ten times over! 

Leonora Bamford, mother and founder of The Baba Blog


Dear Nicola and Hudson

Hugo now obsessed, keep getting it shoved in my lap to read again and again!!

Thank you and look forward to the next one. xxxxx

Suzie Horsey, mother and founder of Surface Galleries


Messages from Teachers

Dear Nicola

You were AMAZING and it was wonderful to see the little bit of you with the children that I saw.  You interact so well and are a natural with children. Thank you for brightening up our day with your Hudson, so perfectly behaved.

Hilary Bierman, Headmistress of Acorn Nursery, Ladbroke Grove


Dear Nicola

A huge thank you for coming to visit us at Mouse House.

The children loved your story and so enjoyed meeting Hudson.  It was a fantastic story and we look forward to hearing about your new books.

Joanne Allen, Vice-Principal of The Kindergartens, Clapham


Dear Nicola

Thank you so much for visiting Dawmouse today. The children absolutely loved it and they loved Hudson!!

It was a great real life experience for the children and something they will treasure. We will be in touch!

Miss Emma, Headmistress and owner of Dawmouse Nuseries, Fulham


Dear Nicola

Thank you from all of us to both you and Hudson for visiting yesterday. It was wonderful and the children are still talking about it. They asked if you were coming back today. A big success :-)

We will be in touch and thank you again.

Gill Whiteside, Headmistress at Miss Delaney’s Nursery, Notting Hill


Dear Nicola

Thank you so much for today, the children absolutely adored Hudson. I will be in Year 1 next year and would love another visit please. I will be in touch next school year.

Alexandra Plumer, Literacy Co-ordinator, Swaffield Primary School, Wandsworth


Dear Nicola,

Many thanks for popping in today, it was lovely for the children to learn about Hudson and I really thought the book was very well received by them.

Please do come in again, I really like the children to have a rich experience with us and having people come in really helps with this goal.

Jane Spencer, Jane Says Nursery, Chiswick


Dear Nicola

Thank you so much for coming round. All the children and staff loved the reading sessions and, of course, Hudson. Now every time they see a brown dog in a story, they presume it's Hudson.

I hope you have a good time in the other Melrose House.

Good luck with the book and we shall look forward to the next one.

Ruth Oates, Headmistress at Melrose House, Southfields